Liara Roux is a multi-hyphenate artist – a writer, indie film producer and director, sex worker, political organizer, and human rights activist. Their political advocacy concerns both sexual rights and the broader issue of freedom of expression, especially online. 

Liara’s first book, Whore of New York: A Confession, is a candid study of spiritual and sexual growth, as well as a critique of society’s capitalistic mechanisms of exploitation, the conservatism of Western medicine, and the politics surrounding sex work. The New York Times praises the memoir as an “intimate, anthropological [...] reflection on joy, anguish, sex, love and labor” and Vogue calls it “vivid and defiant.” 

In 2017, Liara organized an Open Letter to Patreon along with a working group. In June 2018, Liara attended a massive Sex Worker Lobby Day in Washington DC. Later in June 2018, they organized a Reddit event on the official “Ask Me Anything” community featuring over 60 sex workers, trafficking survivors, and other experts (even politicians) taking questions from the public. According to Reddit, the #SexWorkAMA had the most verified participants ever in an AMA, and the event received almost nine hundred thousand viewers and over eight thousand comments. They were a finalist for Sex Worker of the Year at the 2018 Sexual Freedom Awards.

Their work and writing has been featured in publications such as The New York Times, Washington Post, BBC, Le Temps, C-SPAN, and Vogue, and included in anthologies such as “Design Drafts” (Nieuwe Instituut, 2023) and “Sluts” (Semiotext(e), forthcoming 2024).


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