︎︎︎Wrote about Richard Meier for Pin-Up

︎︎︎Chatted with Caterina Capelli for Rivista Studio

︎︎︎Interviewed Sofie Royer for Editorial Magazine

︎︎︎Participated in Shu Lea Cheang’s project with Art Laboratory Berlin, UNBORN0x9

︎︎︎Featured in Electronic Cafe for Poetic Computation (ECPC) at Recess Gallery

︎︎︎Selected for Design Drafts #2 (Nieuwe Instituut x Pin-Up)

︎︎︎Gave Cultured an update on my fave luxury goods

︎︎︎Spoke with Slate about banking discrimination against sex workers

︎︎︎Chatted with NYT about working with Marissa Zappas

︎︎︎Mentioned by Whitney Mallett in Vulture

︎︎︎Dream Baby Press in Nylon

︎︎︎Interview featured me and my favorite book in bed

︎︎︎Spoke at University of Albany

︎︎︎Nicolle Hodges interviewed me for Double Blind

︎︎︎Interviewed Samantha Cole for C-Span

︎︎︎Chatted with Document’s Camille Pejcha about deepfakes (twice)

︎︎︎Appeared in the music video for Cassandra Jenkin’s Crosshairs (Interlude)

︎︎︎ Spoke with Motherboard’s Samantha Cole about Instagram censoring sex workers

︎︎︎ Participated in a panel about “sex in the tech age”

︎︎︎Rax King wrote about eating pastries off my boobs for GrubStreet

︎︎︎The Cut asked me about my favorite butt plugs

︎︎︎Refinery29 interviewed me about my experiences as a sex worker 

︎︎︎Stoya recommended my comic in her advice column

︎︎︎The Cut had questions about my bean orgy

︎︎︎Keynote on Sexual Suppression for Theorizing the Web

︎︎︎Daily Beast asked me my opinion on Kamala Harris

︎︎︎ My old advertisement :’)

︎︎︎Reason interviewed me during Sex Worker Lobby Day

︎︎︎ Slate interviewed me about sex work in the #MeToo era

︎︎︎Chatted with The Outline about incels / sex workers

︎︎︎Spoke with Vice about social media censorship

︎︎︎ Cute vlog from a trip to Japan

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